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"Originally born in San Francisco, California, I was raised back on my moms island of Samoa until I was sixteen years old. I returned to the United States at the age of 16 where I graduated High School and continued on to College. I am a successful entrepreneur and take pride in helping our veterans for the past 10 years. I’m a homeowner and take pride in being successful, having a great family and maintaining a debt free lifestyle."


“We are not just entertainment!  We are award winning, explosive, action packed, stuntacular entertainment!”


Hollywood B aka “Billy the kid” is one of United States of America’s most reputable competition stunt riders and hails from Renton, Washington. Hollywoodb holds multiple trophies in the XDL Freestyle Motorsport Competition Series. Additionally, he holds records for the fastest circle challenges in competition riding and has accomplished exhibitions in X GAMES XVI 2010.

Hollywoodb is occasionally featured on US and Canada national television channels, on the Speed Channel and on G4 as an Extreme Motorsport Rider. He has been featured on several news Channels to include local Seattle news Channels, Canadian Breakfast Television (The US Equivelant to Good Morning America) as well as other Canadian and Chinese television stations, news papers and web sites. He has been featured in numerous motor cycle videos and has his own video called “Hollywoodb rock n west“ that is now in stores nationwide. Hollywoodb has a new Facebook page and YouTube Channel to reach out and communicate with his favorite part of stunt riding, his fans!

About ✰ Hollywood B, Professional Freestyle Motorsport Stunt Rider ✰ 

"I purchased my first street bike from Renton Motor Cycles in 2001. I rode the streets until 2002 when I was involved in a very serious crash. Following the accident I decided to stop riding and focus on my professional career. In 2006 I was introduced to a whole new world of motorcycles after watching a stunt riding video. I purchased a Honda CBR and dedicated all my time from sun up to sun down to the parking lot. I put my blood (literally lol), sweat, and tears into becoming a recognized rider in the stunt community. I have competed at the world’s biggest freestyle motorsport circuit in the USA, XDL, for the past 3 years. I have performed all over the West Coast in a wide range of events. 2010 has been my biggest year to-date. I have been recognized as the number 1 freestyle stunt-rider in the Northwest. In addition to events and competitions, I do several local charity events each year to assist in raising funds for underprivileged children."

Location:  Seattle, Washington

Affiliation: West Coast Connection Entertainment LLC Stunt Team

1st Place Cederwood Stunt Bike Competition
2nd Place Team Battle XDL Daytona
2nd Place Team Battle Irwindale California
3rd Place Fastest Circle XDL Daytona
3rd Place Fastest Wheelie Race XDL Havasu
3rd Place Fastest Circle Wheelie Indianapolis Moto GP XDL
4th Place Freestyle Highway Robery CSC Canada

2011 XDL Championship Series:
2nd Place in the Sickest Trick (Savage Endo)
3rd Place in the Wheelie Teach Wheelie Race    

Throttle Trauma 2 - Produced by Anvil Pictures & 7hole productions Saturnin Floyd
Crazy In Seattle – Produced by Click Productions
The Final Chapter – Produced by Bullo Productions
Hollywood B Rockin the West – Produced by X-Dream Video
Throttle Trauma 3 - Produced by Anvil Pictures & 7hole productions Saturning Floyd
Hollywood B (Name Being Developed) Part 2 (In development)

Canada's Breakfast Television (Similar to America's Good Morning America) - Vancouver Motorcycle Show, Abbotsford Canada - Aired Live Thursday, 20 Jan 2011Crazy In Seattle – Produced by Click Productions
America's Got Talent - 2013 Season

Stunter’s Edge Magazine 2009 – Editor/Owner JP
Stuntride Magazine 2009 – Editor/Owner Thomas Evans

2003 and 2004 Kawasaki 636
2004 Yamaha R1
1996 Harley Davidson Sporta XL 1200cc2003
Ford E350 Fully wrapped in promotional material, website and sponsors
1972 Chevelle SS
2013 Maserati GranTourismo

Dealerships – Renton Motorcycles
Video and Media – Xdream Video and Tempt Media
Parts – Racing 905, HoHey Designs and TecSpec
​Gear and Apparel – RMC, Scorpion, Stuntfarm and Not Famous apparel, Riding Belt Industries
RSC Levers
5th Gear Sprockets
Riding Belts Industries
​Our World Enterprises LLC/Our World Hosting

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Hollywood B is currently the only Pro Stunt Rider to routinely accomplish this amazing tandem LaZBoy stunt!

"We are not just entertainment!  We are award winning, explosive, action packed, stuntacular entertainment!”